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Why arkansas needs true REPRESENTATION

Regnat Populus - Our Motto

"The people rule" isn't our state motto for nothing.  Arkansas deserves representatives who are elected BY the PEOPLE and FOR the PEOPLE.



The Basis

 I am running for The United States Senate in Arkansas as a progressive Independent. I believe a congressman should be a representative for his constituents. My congressional platform allows for a completely transparent, delegate, representative. It’s time we have elected representatives that are by the people FOR the people.

 The time has arrived for a new Era in Politics 

The Problem

Would you truly like to be heard and represented by your congressional representative?

Is your input heard when there are 29 lobbyist per U.S. Congressman that spend 24/7 vying to manipulate, cajole, or bribe your congressman to vote how the lobbyist's rich beneficiary desires?

Isn’t it about time we confront the ugly truth that money/campaign contributions buy favors? The Koch brothers spent $400,000,000 in 2018 to help political candidates get elected, in exchange for a $50,000,000,000 tax break. That is a factual example of a single billionaire family influencing our legislative branch. We the people are the lifeblood of this grand democratic experiment that our forefathers envisioned, not a nation of expendable chattel indentured to wealthy campaign contributors. Most of the bills passed are written by lobbyists, not the men and women that we elect whom are supposed to represent us.

At the end of the day, isn’t your congressman YOUR employee? And as such, what did your congressman do last week? What are they doing this week? Shouldn’t you know... they work for YOU?!

Direct Democracy as a Solution

As your representative, I promise I will always fight for my constituency. Not just for those who have voted for me, but all Arkansans in total. As such, I would employ multiple technologies to not only allow you to voice your opinion, but also have it counted, just like your vote counted.

*The true majority vote of my constituents shall determine how I vote on every topic before me. But one vote, the peoples' opinion is the outcome, with a caveat of course. On topics where there is little or no interest expressed by more than 30% of constituents voting on the website I intend to create for this purpose, or by phone, I will vote for what I believe is in the best interest of our area and the country, creating a hybrid of Representative-Democracy.

*Today's technology allows for the ease, speed, and accuracy to accomplish this cheaply --- it is my intention that this becomes business-as-usual in Congress, giving citizens a more direct voice. Someone just must be the first to implement this policy.



ACTUAL Representation from a TRANSPARENT Congressman

* Open and Honest is verified/audited, not just lip service

* Nothing is hidden. All votes will be audited, readily available to constituents and recorded and posted on the website.

* NO OUTSIDE INFLUENCE *Eliminates Lobbyist influence/favoritism, etc.

True Direct Representation (Independent/No Label)

I represent constituents on a per issue basis. Political parties were created to control the flow of government through helping candidates get elected, that is why I abstain from joining one for their help. I believe a representative should answer to the people, not a political party. I will hold a minimum of 12 town halls per year. I will have a schedule book where constituents can sign up to have a morning coffee, brunch, or meeting, or even sign up to cast some lines in the water and voice their concerns while catching some fish. 


“Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career.”

Representing you will be an honor.


A campaign that is by the people, FOR the people. A senatorial run the will give Arkansans a true voice in the legislative process, a direct democracy.


 Our representatives have forgotten their role and the definition of the position. They need a refresher course in, “How to truly represent the people and not themselves or special interest groups.” I vow to fight tooth and nail, every day for our government to represent OUR interests, OUR liberties, OUR rights, OUR well being, not only those who can afford to give giant sums of money to our representatives. 


 Federal Election, November 3, 2020. 

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  We are coming to a tipping point in this country where the common man can no longer serve in the Government that was established to serve the common man. Compound that with the realization that our voices are not being heard and it’s time for a new era in politics. This candidacy is truly “For the People, By the People”, and we have the technology to make it so.  

Together, we can give Arkansans their voices back. If elected into the Senate I will not be casting my vote for myself and my beliefs, I will be casting your vote. A representative should be his constituents voice, not campaign financiers or special interest donors. If you want your voice to be heard, I pledge to make it roar.